8 May 2014

Like The HTC One M8 Wallpaper? Here’s How to Download It

Like The HTC One M8 Wallpaper? Here’s How to Download It

After the request of Samsung Galaxy S5 wallpaper, an another user requested the official promotional wallpaper of HTC One M8. You really do not need to buy an M8, to have the feel. The best part is you can always customize your lovely handset.

Use the wallpaper and customize with few icon packs, and finalize it with launchers. You can almost enjoy the look and feel of any new OS interface nowadays just by customizing it.

The wallpaper below is the default wallpaper used in the promotional shots of HTC One M8. I am hopefully able to pull it out. Use it and bring that classy feel on your handset.

The image resolution is 2160 x 1920. Perfectly HD. So you won't have to feel uncomfortable re-sizing it according to your needs. Simply right click on the image and choose Save image as... to save on your local drive.

Additionally I have provided an extra url to imgur, so that you can get it from there too.

htc default promotional official wallpaper
Promotional images of the HTC One M8 show off the custom wallpaper

Download HTC One M8 Wallpaper | imgur

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