24 Apr 2014

Like The Samsung Galaxy S5 Wallpaper? Here’s How to Download It

Several readers have asked where they can download the wallpaper used in the promotional shots of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The background is the default wallpaper for the Galaxy S5 device with several others, so if you buyed the device you will boot up to find colorful rainbow-ish wallpaper background enabled by default.

These guys are not the first to start giving custom wallpapers to their new devices. Windows, Mac, and many other Samsung, Sony products are already doing this.

But what if you’re on a different mobile device, or an entirely different OS, and want to use it? Samsung don’t currently make the design available to download, so you’ll have to find it. This has proved to be a bit of a challenge.

Like The Samsung Galaxy S5 Wallpaper? Here’s How to Download It
Promotional images of the Samsung Galaxy S5 show off the custom wallpaper

So, I had managed to pull the source image off of the device. To help others I'd popped the full-sized wallpaper on imgur in all its 2370 x 2110 resolution glory — it’s so hi-res you can almost feel the colorful, cool abstract at your homescreen!

To download the image click the link below.

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  1. Thanks for the share..downloaded good wallpapers thanks for the share