30 Jun 2014

14 Indications Your Computer Has a Virus

14 Indications Your Computer Has a Virus

Whether it's a human or computer virus, both affects our health and system rudely. It hurts more when our important files, pictures and documents were erased brutally.

Sometimes with the accompany of antiviruses and internet security suits it still persuade. Thankfully, just like we humans a computers shows many indications before something terribly happens. Below we'd like to discuss few points that will clearly indicate the presence of a creepy threat underlying the system.

  1. Slow. The very first clear indication is your computer started working terribly slow. What I mean is that you can clearly visualize the difference of working speeds compare to yesterday or past weeks.
  2. Unresponsive of clicks and keys. Tried to start a game? or an app? but it does not not responds. Clearly an indication of virus. 
  3. Freeze, Crash & Reboots. It all started happening with no other reason. You could also suffer from blue screen of death.  
  4. Antivirus or Security Program no longer working. Possibilities are they will go offline and will not start if affected by virus. Additionally they will also not respond to your clicks. Scans will terminate automatically or will never start.
  5. Firewall. Whether its your operating system's built in firewall or security program's it will terminate too. Will go offline. It will be disabled. 
  6. Hard Disk and other drives went missing. Indication is crystal clear, the virus will restrict you to use you drive and will affect the files in it. Icons will go missing. 
  7. Print & Scan command won't work. You could be restricted to print as well as scan. Printer or Scanner will behave unnecessarily. Things like print cartridge will flush ink.
  8. Strange Pop-Up Windows. You could be start seeing strange pop-up windows flashing on your screen. Statements like "You have been infected by this or that virus". Will ask to do certain illegal things like asking personal or financial documents. May pretend to be some security agency. Be aware.
  9. Windows won't close or terminate. Chances are you will be blocked to close window, much like it will be unresponsive. 
  10. Pop-Up Ads. You might see numerous number of pop-up advertisements.
  11. Problem in downloading. Your download stops completely at 99.9% or many never starts. Downloading antivirus and other security suits may be blocked.
  12. Icons, Folder or Programs vanishes. You may lost the desktop icons or any programs. Files and folders may also vanish.
  13. Slow Startup. When your computer starts it may be taking more time than usual.
  14. Unknown Files. It could be downloaded by the virus sitting inside. You surely didn't downloaded them or installed, so where did they came from?

Remember, our computer indicates us before something terribly happens. It just doesn't happens in snap all in once. Take proper safety actions or consult a technician for help.

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