24 Jun 2014

12 Things Successful People Do Differently

Success is what everyone runs for. Some achieve, some not. But that's not the end. Life is a cyclic process. No initial or terminal points, like a perfect drawn circle. Our life is a journey filled with levels, there is no perfect destination we have to give our best ever-time. Though, the noteworthy life lessons Candy Crush gave us but we should remember the term "fail" has no existence of its own. It's just the absences of "success".

What things successful people have in common. One of them is, they do things differently. Choosing the path that has never been chosen by anyone. Let's try out few points from the list below who knows you would discover the perfect ingredient missing in you.

12 Things Successful People Do Differently 

#1 They create and pursue SMART goals.

#2 They decisive and immediate ACTION.

#3 They focus on being PRODUCTIVE, not being busy. 

#4 They make LOGICAL, informed decisions.

#5 They avoid the trap of trying to make things PERFECT. 

#6 They work outside of their COMFORT ZONE.

#7 They keep things SIMPLE.

#8 They focus on making SMALL, continuous IMPROVEMENTS.

#9 They MEASURE and track their PROGRESS.

#10 They maintain POSITIVE outlook as they learn from MISTAKES.

#11 They spend time with the right PEOPLE.

#12 They maintain BALANCE in their life.

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