4 Jun 2014

That's new Android Logo, are they Changing?

Android's official trademark logo is unchanged for as long as the platform has existed. According to leaks by a twitter account @upleaks the new LG G Watch is showing a new logo, during boot. This 17 second boot animation is planned to come up with the upcoming- LG G Smartwatch.

The new logo is smooth, softer and futuristic like the one currently running but with more flexible and flow.
LG G Watch.

Since android is an open source platform, it can easily be used on any compatible device. LG G smartwatch is planning to use this beast OS now on super mobile devices called smartwatches or known as Android Wear.

Android's current logo.
The most important question is that will this logo is going to the future of android by replacing the one we have now? We are still in doubt.

Google already stated that they feel bad by not including the trademark Android logo on each devices. I guess this is what bought to this. Now it should be possible that upcoming devices whether be mobile or smartwatches or glass they are going to put their might logo during boot. "Powered by Android ". So as the Windows and Apple does.

Current term "Powered by Android" is available on Samsung Galaxy S5 and on HTC One (M8). There is a new splash screen during the boot that says it.

HTC One (M8) showing android logo.

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Seriously this couldn't be any problem or hard to engulf to any of the android users. As being the most popular OS yes it worth their name displaying.

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