4 Jul 2014

Techorks' Most Popular Posts

Its been 10 months since we launched Techorks. Its all because of you die hard readers which ignites us to present you more interesting and informative content. Don't worry we will be continuing to do so. Thanks for all your comments, lovely feedback, errors and praises. Foremost supporting us this long. We are growing and will continue to.

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This is our 50th post, and we thought what could be more interesting than to present the most popular reads on Techorks here. So here is our roundup.

After ten months, these are our most popular posts:

1. 51 Tips for Facebook Security

One of the most popular guide we have ever is for Facebook Security. A handy list of 51 Facebook Security Tips will make you more secure in the Facebook's world. Read it now again.

2. 3D Printing: The 8 Best YouTube Videos

With the rise of 3D printing industry, we have collected the 8 best YouTube videos. To give you a taste of some cool 3D printed objects and how it is helping in industries like science, designing, fashion and in human development. Read it here again. 

3. 5 Aviate Invites Codes (Giveaway)

It was an amazing giveaway and yes successful. Aviate is one of the most intelligent homescreen by Yahoo replacement for Android. What is great about it? Read it now. Whereas the giveaway has ended and Aviate is out of beta now. 

4. Unleash The Power Of Windows Notepad As A Text-To-Audio Converter

A great tutorial with step-by-step, how you can create your own Audio Converter in Windows with Notepad. Read it here.

5. 64,000 Chopsticks of Incredible Jackie Chan Portrait

What could be more interesting birthday gift than a portrait of Birthday boy created using 64,000 chopsticks. Yes, a Malaysian artist dedicated her art to martial artist Jackie Chan. See it here.

6. How To Boot To Desktop Instead Of Start Screen On Windows 8.1?

With the rise of Windows' new OS Windows 8, it was earlier a most frustrating part that Windows used to boot directly to Start Screen. With the help of this tutorial you will be able to boot directly to desktop in Windows 8.1. Learn it here.

7. Chrome Extension That I Use Everyday

Because of some request and personal interest I had posted a list of Chrome Extension that I use everyday. It keeps updating so be sure to bookmark it. Do let me know other interesting tools if I am missing. Read it here.

8. 50 Things Science Can't Explain Yet

Science got all the answers right? No some of the mysteries are still unsolved. Whereas most of them are common things like why do we yawn? Read the list.

9. How to Hide WhatsApp Last Seen In Android?

One of the major issue that happened after Facebook acquired WhatsApp is last seen time. Hopefully there is a solution to that and has been fixed. Read our tutorial.

10. 8 Life Lessons Taught by Candy Crush

Life can be frustrating sometimes like in Candy Crush games. But we got you covered how these 8 Life lessons by Candy Crush will help you solving life's most frustrating problems. Read the list.

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