17 Apr 2014

5 Aviate Invites Codes (Giveaway)

5 Aviate Invites Codes (Giveaway)

Update: Aviate is out of beta now, so no invite code is necessary to use it. 

Finally, one of my friend who has been using Aviate has send me an invite, within no time I am using this intelligent homescreen that simplifies my phone. Thank you Anand!

Usually according to my friends it took 3-6 day to get an invite default by the Aviate itself. Can't Wait?

What Is Aviate?

If you don't know what Aviate is just simply go to their homepage to know more.

In short, Aviate is an intelligent homescreen that automatically organize your apps throughout the day where you need them.

How Do I Get An Invite Code?

Currently I have 5 Delicious Invites and the app is saying "Invite someone you think would really like to use Aviate" So if you guys want to get an invite code, simply enter the giveaway.

You can enter by submitting your Name and Email, for this you will simple win 1 entry. After that you are offered various methods to earn many entries. The more entries you have, the higher the chance of winning.

This giveaway begins now and ends Saturday, April 19. Just for 1 day. 5 winners will be selected at random and informed via email.

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If you have any doubts regarding this giveaway simply ask in comments below or tweet to @iamswetank or @techork. We will happy to help you! Good Luck!!

The Winner

Congratulations, Rick Pumphrey, Phil Lynas, Carlos Gutierrez, Marcus cagle & Mathew George. You would have received an email from Techorks team. Please check back your spam folder too. Thank you everyone else for taking part.


  1. Making my homescreen amazing! thank you!

  2. It is cool man and i think i deserve to win.

  3. I’d Love To Win The Prize.

  4. Anxious to see how Aviate will zip up my Note 3