2 Apr 2014

Exploring the Space [Wallpaper Wednesday]

We are on earth, look up.. that's the space. Moon, Starts, Nebula, Galaxy and more in complete dark and silence. The beauty and mystery persists all there.

We are experimenting life on Mars, the day is not far you or your grandchild will be reading this post from the intergalactic space. That will be our future, as like these amazing 3d printer videos gives us a hint where we are and heading towards. Yes that is future. It will be going to be just awesome.

Until now, these handpicked wallpapers of space by Techorks team will please you and help you explore the space through the window of your desktop. Wallpaper Wednesday is our on going series of great collection of wallpapers just for you and your desktop.

Earth | Download (1920x1080)

Gravity Movie | Download (Available in various sizes)

Galaxy | Download (1920x1440)

Supernova | Download (2560x1600)

Purple Stars | Download (Available in various sizes)

From The Ashes | Download (Available in various sizes)

Spiral Galaxy | Download (Available in various sizes)

Rocket In Space | Download (Available in various sizes)

Black Hole | Download (Available in various sizes)

Sun | Download (Available in various sizes)

For more great wallpapers check out our Wallpaper Wednesday Series. Got any wallpaper you'd like to share? Post it on our Facebook Page or Tweet us @Techork. We'd love to see your own creativity.

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